About Us

At Vancouver Laser Center we Offer the best quality of skincare, body contouring and laser treatments in the Greater Vancouver area. The Vancouver Laser Center is ideally situated on the beautiful Denman St which is more than just an adjunct to the beach; it’s a destination worth exploring all on its own and frequented by many that come to Downtown Vancouver. Our full practice clinic offers a comprehensive host of non-surgical cosmetic procedures. We employ the latest machines and techniques involved in anti-aging therapies and help our clients feel younger and healthier. At the Vancouver Laser Centre, we focus on enhancing appearance through modern technologies such as Nano Fractional RF, IPL (Intense Pulsed Light), Exfoliation, Body Sculpting, HydraFacial, Micro-Needling, Skin Care that re-mediate skin breaks down and relieve common concerns and conditions, helping your skin look and feel healthier. As a client at the Vancouver Laser Centre, you will receive a customized treatment plan based on specialist assessment and results from our high-tech skin analysis device. This plan establishes a course of action catered to your personal lifestyle and skincare goals undertaken in an environment designed for your comfort, privacy, and relaxation.​